Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The culvert is collapsing

About a month ago, a tree fell near the creek in front of the house and lodged in the pipe under our driveway. I removed the tree, but the steel pipe was bent to the point that little water could flow through it.

The neighbor and I (mostly the neighbor) cut several sections out in an attempt to get the water flowing again. Unfortunately, I knew what was happening. As the water was not able to pass through the drainage pipe, it was going around it, taking much of the compacted sediment with it and undermining the driveway. This is what we get now when it really rains! This has only happened once, but .... wow!

Fortunately, the insurance company sent out a structural engineer today to get the process of repairing it started. Wish us luck.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One of those almost perfect weekends.....

The boys and I had one of those weekends that many dad's dream about. It started out on Saturday morning by attending the "First in Flight Jet Rally in Wilson, NC. Handing over the camera to Andrew and telling him to take all the pictures he wanted resulted in amazing me. These are some really cool pictures by an 8 year old.

After the airshow, we took off the Grandma's and worked with the boys to help her fix items around the house. We also took our bicycles so we could ride until our legs were sore. We returned home on Sunday with the family boat long enough drop it off (would not start), then walk into the house to change out the cooler and grab the tent and sleeping bags. Off to the lake ... where we swam, killed ticks, and canoed.

By the time we left on Monday about lunch, the children we so tired we came home and spent the afternoon playing computer games, napping, and watching TV. All together, an almost perfect weekend.

Thank you Lord for holding off the rain!