Monday, March 29, 2010

How was your day .... today?

Hopefully, your day was better than mine. After finally figuring out where I could find free wireless (Durham Library) and then determining that I could take the children to the dentist, then to school, hangout at the library for the rest of the day, then go to Patrick's wrestling practice, I was ready for this day to start.

Well, that is not how it ended up. First, my driveway is now dirty again after 8 solid hours of pressure washing it. Seems there is enough trash washing down the creek to dam it up and wash over the culvert. I came out to trees and lumber that had to be moved (in the rain) before I could leave the yard. Traffic was slow, but OK, then I noticed the car was running a little warm, just as we got to the dentist. Making sure there was enough coolant, we started to take the children to school after the dentist appointment, only to get about 3 miles down the road to an over heating car.

Driving about 2 miles at the time, stopping and letting the car cool off is not fun, and it made Patrick very nervous. I made it to Durham, but not to school (thanks to my ex-wife's mother-in-law for getting the children the rest of the way). Thanks to one of the guys at work for finding me an Advanced Auto Parts near where I ended up.

Finally, there is a good side that they had the parts and tools that I needed to replace the thermostat. Now, off to the library where I spent much of the afternoon. Then about 4:00 PM, I find out that Patrick is sick and cannot go to wrestling practice ... arrg, I have hung out in Durham all day. O'Well, the library was quiet and I got a lot done. I did finally make it back home!

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