Thursday, January 21, 2010

Farewell To Lou-Lou - Part Three

It has been a long time since posting, but I wanted to continue my sharing of Lou-Lou's life with my family. When I wrote last, Lou-Lou was living "the dream" with everyone in the neighborhood.

When my wife asked me to leave in July of 2003, I never even asked for any of the cats that we had. To be honest, it would have been very difficult for me to care for them as I was out town much of the time and where I was living, I did not know many people around me.

About 1 year after the purchase of my new house, several of my old neighbors were calling to tell me that my ex-wife had moved and that she had left Lou-Lou behind. At this point, I told the neighbors to "catch him" and let me know when they had him.

Here is when the fun begins ... of course they caught and called when my children were visiting me and we had to bring this poor cat home in the trunk of the car. He had gotten used to his new "way of life" that no longer included me or the children, so he was very scared when we brought him home. This was, after all, a bachelor's house with two small kids. Just walking through the house could be a hazard!

The fear he had evaporated very quickly and after only a few weeks, the old Lou-Lou that I knew and loved was back. We fell quickly into a routine. I got up in the morning, went to the front door and let him in, played for a few minutes, fed him, then went to work. He of course had been out all night "hunting" or whatever cats do all night and needed to sleep all day. After work, I came home to Mr. Sleepy that would take a little time to wake up. We would again, hang out and play, then at bed time, he would go outside and I would go to bed. This continued until our new family moved in July of 2008...

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