Friday, August 21, 2009

Farewell To Lou-Lou - Part Two

When last I wrote, Lou-Lou was growing up and was found to have a heart murmur.

So ... first wife and I worked hard to make sure Lou-Lou took his medicine everyday. Because she and I did not yet have any children yet, he was the center of our attention. Toys, beds, etc., he had it all. He would slept on the bottom of the bed or on us, pretty much "allowing us" to be around him. The one nice thing was that Delena did not ever give him any wet cat food, we just always had a bowl of dry out for him.

Leaving out dry cat food on the front porch of course gave for interesting visitors. Birds, other cats, and even a really gross opossum visited us over the years snacking on Lou-Lou's dry food. He always remained an "outdoor kitty".

After several years of this and a couple of other cats joining our family, we started to see less and less of Lou-Lou. He got to the point of only being seen about 3 times a week. After some investigation and talking to friends, we found out he was double timing us with some of the neighbors. He was their cat during the day, and our cat at night.

All of our neighbors thought this was funny, some also letting us know that he was also staying in their our buildings at night, eating their dogs food, etc. It was great fun and lasted until my divorce in 2003 .....