Thursday, May 14, 2009

The wonderful world of insomnia

Sometimes I believe it would be really nice if everyone had to video tape or otherwise "record" their lives. There are so many questions I have about what is normal vs. what everyone else pretends to be normal. I am speaking science here and not some weirdo wish to be a peeping tom.

Take for example the whole nose picking .... chore. This is of course, not something that is acceptable with others around, however, we have to tell our children not to do this from a young age. It must be something that everyone does when others are not around, just that we have to learn not to do it when others are around .... right?

My real curiosity is about how everyone else prepares for sleeping at night. I have struggled for so many years with insomnia that I just want to know if it is only me? Does everyone else exaggerate how much they sleep? Do I minimize how much I am sleeping and it is actually more that would be quantified if a scientific method were used? What do I do wrong that wakes me up or what could I be doing differently to catch and keep the illusive sandman?

I have gained some insight after getting married. Vickie has been struggling for about 5 days now. Since I do not really believe that my wife is strange (other than her taste in men) I have to conclude that not sleeping comes and goes like the seasons. I seem to be no help at all as I wake up as she goes to bed for the past week. I guess it is the interruption or more specifically, the change in the temperature, sounds, and body placement. Both of us seem to go until we finally fall down.

My actual conclusion from years of thought on the subject is that I have little control of my thoughts. I worry over Vickie, children, money, work, and pretty much anything else that I cannot stop thinking about. Reading before bed seems to help, however I still wake up in the middle of the night and cannot return to sleep.

I guess the recording device would actually need to be storing thoughts as well as actions for any type of analysis, so for now, I will continue to chase the Z.

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  1. Dear "sleepless-In-Garner",

    Have you ever tried a sound machine? They're sooo relaxing & lulling. You can select sounds such as birds singing, frogs in the forest, Rain, thunderstorm, ocean noises, etc...
    Also, the chemical Melatonin (naturally produced by our bodies) has been scientifically proven many times over, that it promotes sleep by inducing the chemical in your body that tells you brain (when it's getting dark outside) You're getting sleepy. Drowsiness for many is even immed. It does build up a tolerance, so would start low, like 5mg, and increase as you see it's not having same effect anymore.
    Lastly, there's nothing like scooping up a cat and snugglin' close. That Purrr will promise to send you straight off to the Sandman!